The FreeRiceLoki competition has come to an end!

All together, Loki’s Army raised 2,744,930 grains of rice. We had 178 people participate! That comes out to roughly 15,500 grains of rice per person!

Of course, there were a few fantastic people that carried most of the weight! The top ten participants were, by the name on their FreeRice account:

10. Kaiso with 40,740 grains of rice

9. hopetaylor56 with 62,120 grains of rice

8. hasbenjammin with 89,300 grains of rice

7. tinaisaderp with 133,340 grains of rice

6. livionweiss with 238,580 grains of rice

5. Adanwen  with 256,530 grains of rice

4. Lilyflower135 with 272,830 grains of rice

3. FabioSanchendes with 306,910 grains of rice

2. Zuzukh with 337,590 grains of rice

and the highest score, our grand prize winner:

1. AlixS with 532,070 grains of rice!

Super congrats to AlixS, who has been playing since day one of the competition! 

And we can’t forget the winner of the bonus rebloggable prize….


Thank you everyone for participating and spreading the word. Not only am I glad to give out prizes and share the Loki Love, but I’m also glad to have been able to participate in something that helped a lot of people get the food they need. Thank you everybody!

And don’t worry- this doesn’t mean you have to quit freerice! Keep gathering, my friends!

keepthemacramesecret asked:

Hi i started following you for the free-rice thing, but your cosplay is super great and from someone who also is attempting a loki cosplay i am like wow impressed wow. I was wondering though, how did you do the little gold square bead things on the trim of the coat and collar? Because i can't figure out how to do it on mine

Ah! Actually, they are called zipper stops :D I bought them from a website called Supreme Zipper —>

The guys that run the site are super awesome and when I sent them an email about buying the zipper stops they responded with, “Doing a Loki costume?” xD They knew!

You can buy them in gold or silver, but gold is a lot more expensive so I bought silver ones and spray panted them instead. It was a lot of work to get an even coat on all of them, but it’s a lot more cost effective. The spray paint likes to rub off on the pleather/leather though so be careful. 

To put them on I just squeezed them on with a pair of pliers. :3